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Auto-resolve for broken attribute paths


Often, after building a page or portion of a page within the context of a certain object, my coworkers and I have eventually needed to add some other object (whether that be a helper object or other object for a separate feature) between the original object and the elements that referenced variables from that object.

Every time, this new object still has a path to the original variables.

Every time, we also need to manually set every path to go through the new reference.

This is very time consuming, tedious, and is a very good candidate for automation. Simply having an auto resolve feature for variables that no longer have the correct path mapping would save a lot of time here and there.

The system could look at the objects within context, their associations, and try to find a variable with the same name under the original entity type. If it doesn’t find that, it would also be helpful if it could look for a variable with the same name as a fallback (although perhaps this should require a confirmation since common variables like ‘ID’, ‘Name’, ‘Time’, etc could cause issues).

This would be great.


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