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Open Multiple Apps in One Modeler Instance - Project Workspaces


We develop many different Mendix apps, with many different branch lines each. Sometimes I will have 4-5 different instances of Studio Pro open at once and it can become hard to manage so many open instances at once.


It would be nice if Studio Pro worked similar to Eclipse or VS Code in that you could have multiple projects open at once with the option to add a project to a workspace and save/load workspaces.


It would also be nice if Studio Pro wasn’t version-specific. In other words, I would have one version of Studio Pro downloaded and it can work with many different versions of Mendix. I would be able to toggle the version each app targets in the project settings or something similar. This could make upgrading a lot easier and we would not need to remember the exact version that each branch/app uses.

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Matthew, I love this idea, I feel there are multiple ideas going on here :D 

Workspace: I love this, I wish I could open 2 pages side by side for instance (and having it cross projects would be amazing)

they did create a “loader” which is sort of like the portal to open all the MX apps.

Do you happen to know of examples of application that are very version sensitive but have found a way to work holisticly?