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List of ToDo Annotation Items


Could you add a new annotation type in microflows and nanoflow (or everywhere else where annotations are possible) which would be a ToDoAnnotation?

Then add a window to the views like the debugger variables that lists all items which have ToDoAnnotations on them,  or maybe update the error window with a ToDo icon and # of todo’s that work just like the Errors, Deprecations, Warnings, etc. to show where ToDoAnnotations have been made?

Alternative could be of course that you add an attribute checkbox to the common annotation thing. This would offer even more flexibility to the future if you wanted to flag other conditions as well using annotations.

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Yes please. We adopted the routine to start the annotation with “TODO <yyyymmdd> <developer’s initials>”, which works fine, but a special annotation-type would work better. Easier to create the todo-list.

Come to think of it: similar to the feedback, make a ‘Todo’ post a todo-item in your sprintr-project. After which, same as with the feedbacks, you can refine them into stories.


I still think this would be a great addition to the platform.

I also asked it 4 years ago →


Please also add a way to add annotations (or the todo ones) to pages as well (commented blocks not shown in the browser, but visible in the modeler?)