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Colour coding folders


I would like to have the ability to assign colour to the folders I create in the app explorer so that I can speed up my work process by increasing the speed of switching between folders.


With Mendix being a largely drag and drop and visual platform to work on I feel that this may be on brand with what Mendix is and can help the developers on the platform by shaving off a slight amount of time when working on an app. I used a colour coding system when I worked as a Sound Designer and a composer for film and it spead up my process. Instead of having to search for folders by name I could simply look at the colours and I'd be in the right place quite quickly.


An example of how this can be used in the app explorer. I could colour code all of my folders associated to pages in different shades of purple and all of the folders associated to objects or entities in different shades of orange. That way when I am looking for a page with all of it's ACT microflows I would be able to simply look for the shade of Purple I have selected for that page and it's buttons. I wouldn't come close to the entity or object microflows because its a completely different colour.

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