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Resizable Entities


It would be super usefull if entities in the domain model could be resized just like actions in a microflow.


Sometimes entities have a lot of (cross-module) associations but only a few attributes. In this case, it is impossible to see the associations. It would be helpful to be able to resize the entity so that all the associations become visible again.

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Great Idea, I couldn't agree more!
Please see some similar idea's I posted in November 2020 : -> about Domain Model drawings -> about about associations

Hoping the Domain Model drawing tool will improve soon, that's my biggest wish at the moment




I don’t really need horizontal adjustment and I am completely fine with automatic resizing. I just want to be able to see everything.


I agree and did vote for your idea. I do have two questions:


  • Fully manually adjustable or sufficiently intelligent to responsively adjust vertically either by number of attributes or associations, whichever is longer?
  • If manually: Horizontal, Vertical or both directions resizeable?

I would personally prefer no entity-size user-adjustable entities, as I'll probably end up working in someone else's project with lots of various sized entities. I'm pretty visual focused and my OCD would have a hard time looking at that unorganized mess. In addition, I wouldn't mind for vertically-sizeable entities, but would prefer for all of them to keep the same width.