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Intelligent page break in document template


When using document templates I run into an issue when I want every item in a template grid to occur on a new page.

This cannot be done with the Page Break item, as this is not allowed, but it can be done with the use of styling.

Add "page-break-after: always;" to the complete item inside the template grid.


The problem with the described way of work is that this will result in a page break after the last item as well.

In my project, the template grid is the only item in the document template and therefore it will result in an empty page at the end of each document.

Solutions for this will result in unmaintainable code (all items have to be duplicated but the styling has to be removed at second retrieve, which only retrieves the last item) and are therefore unsuitable.

A proper solution would be a property on the template grid which enables an "intelligent" page break, breaking after each item, but the last.

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The document template should be more customizable. The issues with the document template should also be considered. As a developer the issues we face to build a document template is quite complex than building the actual project.