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Convert Microflow into Nanoflow with right click


Based on MxAssist recommendations MXP006 to convert microflows into nanoflows it would be helpful if this can be done with a rightclick on the microflow. This idea is already talked about here:, but no specific idea is created for it.


In the steps to fix for MXP006 ( Mendix shows that you have a to create a nanoflow and then delete the microflow yourself.


It would be really nice if Mendix can do these steps automatically and understands that everywhere this microflow is called, the call should be changed to a nanoflow (in datasources or on click actions).



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This is part of this series of ideas:


In addition to converting Microflows to Nanoflows, it should be possible to do so and vice versa: there are cases where you want to execute logic on the server,

  • for performance (Nanoflows apply access rights, when these are strict it is sometimes faster to execute logic on the server),
  • Security (Read and write rights need to be granted to the user to execute logic in the client)
  • Specific functionality. (Fe. using Java Actions)

And of course, it is a good practice to offer the user(us) a way to reverse any actions.