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Support for Markdown markup language


Creating comprehensive documentation and READMEs in an app project is very important, especially when dealing with large projects with a lot of developers working on something at the same time or when developing a reusable app or module meant to be published in the Marketplace


In the current situation, READMEs and other in-app documentation (annotations not included) are often created by using snippets that are then placed in a _Docs folder. The problem with that is that snippets are meant to be used on actual app pages, and have a limited use when trying to format your text in a certain way.


Markdown dramatically improves on that. It not only supports basic formatting like bold texts and headings, but also enables blockquotes, lists and code snippets. Support for the Markdown markup language makes it possible to not only create in-app documentation but also, because it is a widely supported standard, use that same documentation (or at least the files) in other, external, knowledge base systems that support Markdown (Git, Azure, etc.).


I envision this the same way as the CSS and JavaScript editors that are already present in Mendix Studio Pro, where you can edit your file with the proper syntax highlighting, and maybe even preview the result…!

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I strongly support this idea. ^^^^


Looking forward if we, as Community, would be able to implement this feature by ourselves when the Studio Pro extensibility is released.


Given the ease that generative ai can incorporate markdown into it's response, having a viewer is a natural way to incorporate those responses into our applications.


markdown is for me state-of-the-art, lean, agile and good looking.

I strongly support this idea.