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Better suggestions for the microflow name


When I create a form the modeler gives me a suggestion for the name (entity_NewEdit etc.). But when I create a microflow the modeler is not so intelligent. The modeler knows almost always from where the microflow is created. So it would be nice if Mendix could adhere to the naming conventions and would give a suggestion based on this. So when I create a button in a form for instance and from there do a create microflow action it would give the suggestion ACT_Entity and give the suggestion of OCH when I create the microflow from the on change properties of a form.

It would even be more awesome if I could in the setting adjust how the suggestions is build up, so I could adjust the standard Prefix+_+Entity to Entity+ ' '+Prefix.

The advantage would be that there is more consistency in the models being created.  Specially engineers new to Mendix would benefit from it.



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I really see an advantage in this feature, since it guides developers using a correct code of conduct. However it would be nice to be able to change this per project, by changing the default. De naming convention in the best practices documentation can change from time to time.


That's techinically somehow possible.