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Java priority mode


Hi all,

I would like to see a Java priority mode for Java developers.
Developers cannot easily diff MicroFlow, which makes coding reviews during development very difficult.
Changes are only visible to the person who created the logic, so it is difficult to withstand team reviews.

Therefore, I would like to propose.
MicroFlow remains only a tool to generate java, and generate java itself. (This should still be done internally)
From there, I would like to allow developers to extend it.
In other words, write java and reflect it in MicroFlow. Or, input it into MicroFlow and it becomes a java.
That way, by comparing the java files with each other (e.g. with a tool like Winmerge), it is easy to see what has changed.
With MicroFlow, you can only see it with your eyes. It's horrible. This process is enough for me.
Couldn't we do it by treating not only the process we create as a JavaAction, but also the one generated from MicroFlow in the same way?
Clearly, the more complex the business logic, the harder it is for developpers to check MicroFlow, because MicroFlow cannot have interfaces, so a lot of similar logic is generated.

I am very interested in how you are able to create such a large system.


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Thank you for your comment, Johan!:)

I think java files are one of the easiest ways to compare files.
After all, there is a lot of java technical knowledge, methods, successes and failures in the world.
Mendix is different - we don't necessarily need to have your own diff function in Mendix!


I'm in favor of better diff functionality for microflows, but not sure if compiling to Java is the way to go.