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Advanced show page action for usage in microflows.


Idea: Advanced show page action
Instead of the regular show page I'm looking for a seperate but more advanced show page action, that will hopefully give a lot of flexibility.

The idea goes as followed:

It basically consists of 2 parts:
An action to call the page with advanced settings.
An action to trigger data loading in the microflow that calls the page.

The page being called opens with "temp data / placeholder entities" till the real data is available.
If real data is still being loaded because it was not directly available from the microflow that calls the page, the section allows for setting a pre-loader, preferably in .svg or .gif format. This will be the case when a datasource microflow was selected. (More on this below).

The page can be built with regular view/lists/grids/template grids etc identifiable by their "name" attributes.

As the datasource for the view elements you can use the "Caller of page microflow"

All views and lists in the called page display the following: 
"Caller of the page microflow_name, {%Datasource microflow name / Output object / Output list of objects%}, caller of the page"

instead of
"Object, caller of the page"

When right clicking the view or lists add a few navigation options:
"Go to caller of the page microflow"
"Go to view / list source microflow or entity"
"Select microflow"
"Select entity"

Using this advanced page call action you can still use the

"Set page title" like the regular page call action.
But please also add the possibility to use attribute content from the entities in this title.

"Set parameters per view / list / grid / template grid"

For each view/list/grid in the layout of the page that is being called. Allow for setting a few parameters.

Within the page there is ofcourse a parent > child relation, this should be visible in this configuration of the page action call.
So when i have a top level view and that contains a grid, make it visually clear that the grid is part of the view.
Parameters that are available in my mind have to be the following:


"Wait with showing page till all data is loaded" boolean, this prevents the page from opening till all underlying data is loaded including the datasource microflows. Enabling this should disable the pre-loaders in the datasource microflows. 

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