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Custom extensions in Studio Pro


Okay, the Studio Pro editor is where we spent most of our time as Mendix developers. But isn't it unfortunate that this editor is completely closed for your own small scripts that makes your life easier?


In the populair Open Sources editors (sublime, vscode) you can create and manage your own extensions.

This makes the live of developers way better. Developers create scripts that can help then do more work.

See for instance all the linters, AI copilots, etc that are essential for full-code developers.

Some ideas for scripts within Mendix can be:

And a great thing. The community can build these scripts themselves and share them (maybe even paid) through the marketplace.. New ideas will take less time of Mendix R&D teams. The community will get much more control.


On the implementation I cannot say much, because my knowledge of the framework of Studio Pro editor is limited. Maybe these extensions can be speak to the Mendix SDKs and API's through a sort of pluggable widget system.



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Have you seen this?


Please feel free to comment your own small script ideas, so we can make the community excited around this idea