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Detangle your Domain Model


When creating a Complex domain model, each developer has their own way of creating associations and placing them between entities. 

The more complex the Domain model, the more clumsy the View looks.

It will be good if we have an option similar to Distribute Horizontally option in microflows to make it look neat.

A button or an option in the Domain model editor which helps to beautify your Domain model will be great.


For example , I have a domain created from the Import mapping :


A button to Make it neater would be great. As We all know Mendix is more of a visual building,  some improvements like this might help more developers to understand complex models easily.

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Great idea, I did post 2 idea's in the same line of thinking back in 2020 and raised it in last year's Customer Connect event in Rotterdam in October again, see:​​​​​​​ Domain Model Drawing improvements Domain Model Automatic re-order function for associations between 2 entities

Feel free to vote for those topics too.




Dear Dinesh Kumar,
I totally agree with you.
In fact I saw your post when I logged now for the first time to Mendix Idea Forum, I came to this site based on an advice from Mendix Support to share my idea which I beleive is similar to yours.
Previously when I had a complex domain model, I used to commit the application through Mendix Studio Pro to the Team server, then open the same application through Mendix Studio which had an "Auto Arrange Option" which gave me a better arrangment of my entities and associations. 
Unfortunetly this better arrangment doesn't reflect back on studio pro. Further the big arranged diagram can never be printed on a single page (whatever the page size is) in order to facilitate discussion with Business StakeHolders, which is an exercise I used to do after I design my ERD using Oracle Designer (since I'm coming from an Oracle Development Suite environment). So to print, I have to get help from our Graphics Designer to try getting the entire diagram on an A3 paper.
Add to that, with Mendix versions after 9.20, Mendix Studio is not available. Therefore I asked Mendix Support whether "something like Studio auto arranging option is schuduled in the near future in Studio Pro new version >9.20" or not and that's when they requested me to post the idea on this Forum and the reason was-->"Then other community members can enrich the idea and vote. This will help me in determining the demand and the details of all use cases/needs."
I hope we get support from other community members since I think 'auto arrangement' is a vital option.
Since Mendix 9.20 was the last version to support studio,  I created 9.20 project , copied my complex domain model from my existing project in Studio pro 9.23.0 and tried pasting it in 9.20 but this pasting didn't work either, although this copy and paste used to work between peojects of different older versions. I was aiming to succeed with pasting in 9.20 then commit the project in Team Server then use my old workaround by opening the same project in Studio since it would have been a 9.20 project for which Studio and thus "auto arrangement" should work. Unfortunatly as mentioned earlier copy/paste didn't work and I guess if I need to auto arrange, I will have to manually create the domain model again in 9.20!
Best Regards


Yes, we can select the attributes from my Import mapping, but in my case, I selected the ones I needed and it turned out to be like this. 

Other than import mapping, a project can have complex domain models, it will be a nail-biting task for developers who are new to the project if they see the domain model.

As We all know Mendix is more of a visual building,  some improvements like this might help more developers.


That would be a nice addition however in mendix you have the option to view some fields or not. So you can disable the view of the association names and you can also disable the view of associations to other modules. If you disable both it is allready much better.