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Support for editing properties of multiple page elements


Currently, whenever you want to edit design-properties/properties of multiple page elements, you have to select these elements one by one. Especially for ‘larger’ pages & snippets this can be cumbersome and time consuming.

You can try to select multiple elements, but the properties Studio Pro panel becomes empty after this.


It would be much nicer to have the following options:

Selecting multiple texts and edit the ‘weight’ property for all

Or selecting multiple radiobuttons and editing the Orientation.

Or selecting multiple text-boxes and editing the read-only style.

Or selecting multiple containers and edit the Spacing top design property.




Of course we can encounter the situation that the values for shared properties between the selected elements vary. In this case (At least this is wat I've seen in other software) I can imagine leaving those specific properties either ‘blank’ (And thus, enabling a overwrite whenever a user fills a value fpr that property for the selected elemetns) or filling the value of the property with a non-editable ‘Various’ value of sorts. Enabling the Studio Pro user to see that there are various values filled for the selected elements, while also still enabling editing the values of other shared properties.


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A nice addition would be to ‘copy style’ and ‘paste style’ and let Studio Pro figure out which design properties match the target's properties.