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Copy-paste attribute values of another object (from another entity) in a Create/Change Object activity.


I come across many scenarios where you need to copy a value from one object into another one. 
A typical scenario is you have data from a non-persistent entity that you want to copy into a persistent entity or vice versa. This can take a long time, especially with large entities. 

Let's say you have a loop where you iterate over a list of Object A. For each Object A, you want to create an Object B with same values. Even if the attributes name are the same, you cannot map them easily. You need to manually create a parameter and type out each variable. 

My suggestion is to make this proces easier and more automated. If you create/change an object you would select a source object(s) and map the attributes in a GUI. If the attributes have the same name, mendix can autofill them. 

In other parts of the platform we already have some smart mapping features. Like connect attributes in the Import Mapping, or in the excel import template module. So this feature is inspired by that. 

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Hi Gurumoorthy,


Thanks for that insight. I am not talking about some persistent connection between the attributes, where object A changes and B also has to update. I just talk about the copy of the values from one object to another in the state at that moment in time in a microflow. Not sure if that's what you think I mean. 

It's just an idea and I leave it up to the mendix product team to decide what works or what doesn't on a technical level. I just think of it what would make the developer experience a bit better from my perspective. 


Have a nice day. 


Hi Alex Kager,

                          This one might be useful when the dependencies of two entity maybe depend with low rate of changes , Which means if the object is copy from non-presistable to presistable might be overcome successfully but incase of two presistable entities this might not be a welcomed approach because this increases the data dependencies within the attributes suppose if the receiving attribute has involved in various custom logic, here comes the problem where all this desired output might be affected due to change in main object. I maybe right or wrong, if anything else let me know it, Thanks in advance...