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Provide a Central Translation Repository for all your apps


I have to admit, I really like how you can download a spreadsheet with all the labels/text used in your app and allow you to translate it to another language. We have translated a number of apps and getting very positive feedback from our organization and users about how quickly we can provide multi-language supporting Mendix apps.

With the Enumerations now being supported by the latest Mendix/Datahub, the translations of the enumerations depend on the app.
If it could be possible to have a central translation repository that is used by all the apps that you build for your organization, for translating your apps, that would allow you to be far more efficient in developing multi language apps. You would only need to spend effort centrally on providing the right translations and all apps would benefit from it.

Can we get this in MX10?

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Maybe I didn’t explain well enough what I mean with central repository, with central repository I mean manage d by Mendix (like how mendix stories are stored in the sprintr website, not in a customer repository)