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Increase contrast in new Microflow Editor (Studio Pro 10, darkmode)


I recently tested the Mendix Studio Pro 10 beta and overall, I'm pleased with its new look. However, I have some concerns about the new Microflow editor. In my experience, it feels more fatiguing to use compared to the previous version. 

My first suggestion is to increase the contrast in the new microflow editor. The previous version had higher contrast, making it easier to distinguish between different elements in the microflow. The new version has lower contrast, making it more demanding to read the microflow. This is especially the case for activities in loops, and it gets worse after each loop within a loop, making it harder to scan and read  the activities


In Mendix Studio Pro 10, the contrast seems to be quite low, it gets worse in loops:

vs Mendix Studio Pro 9

Additionally, the new highlighted borders for the activities draw attention away from captions and make the microflow feel busy. 

Image: Highlighted borders in Studio Pro 10 draw the attention from captions


Image: Borders in Studio Pro 9


That being said, I would like to state that the topbar in the new editor is better than the previous version, it is now easier to distinguish the different kinds of actions. 

Increasing the contrast in the microflow editor and lowering the emphasis on the borders would be a great improvement to the editor, helping users focus more easily on complex tasks and reducing the load needed to navigate the microflow.


I look forward to hearing what others think.

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