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Option to bulk edit widget properties


Allow Developers to edit shared properties in multiple widgets in a page at the same time. Now that Studio Pro has the ability to let you select multiple widgets at the same time so you can drag them to other parts of the page, being able to edit shared properties would save us a lot of time.


For example, above this you can see multiple input widgets for a Number object, and when you have conditional visibility and several similar widgets with only minor variations, you sometimes need to change a property such as ‘Spacing left’ for all of those.


Of course there will be different values for the same properties, so by selecting multiple elements you don’t want to edit it standard in bulk. A solution would be to add a button in the properties tab with ‘Bulk edit shared properties’.

This way, depending on your selection, you get to see the common properties for your selection. If you select three Text widgets, you will have all properties shared for General, Data source, et cetera and Design properties and Common. If you select a Container and a Text widget, you might only see Visibility, Design properties and Common because they only have those shared.


This would save time, especially for larger applications with a lot of conditional visibility.

There should probably be some restrictions based on the available context, as you can’t enter $currentObject/x for widgets in different data views. But even for only static properties it would be an improvement

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@Johnny Jarecsni, you could actually copy the styling of one text widget and then bulk select the others and paste the styling. But indeed a bulk selection property editing option would be nice.


An absolute must have, hope Mendix will soon implement this - or maybe I can ask the AI assistant now to do bulk operations? ;)


Just as an example of how important this is, I'm right now having a situation where I followed a tutorial, placing line 20 text widgets on the screen, and the tutorial (by Mendix) had no instruction for styling, and the text widgets that were meant to show in a column (in a layout grid cell) were flown from left to right. So I thought ok let's add display: inline-block; but now I would have to do it 20 x.