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Format Datetime Simulator - formatDateTime($Date,yyyy-MM-dd)


Hi Community,


I have faced this issues many times and I believe you have too. So the issue is that suppose you want to format a DateTime value to a specific format then I search on the docs for syntax like yy or YYYY but even if I form the right syntax I am susceptible if the output will be in my desired format and the only way to verify is by running the app and testing the output.


But it wastes a lot of time. Hence it would be a good idea if in Studio Pro itself we have an Simulator where we will not only get syntaxes but also we can simulate and on the spot we would know if the formatted datetime output is the desired one without need to run the app.

formatDateTime($Date,'yyyy-MM-dd') => 2023-05-29 if I passed $Date as 05/29/2023 5:00pm

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Good idea !

Let’s just call that a “Preview” based on the current date and time instead of Simulator.