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Compare Microflow/nanoflow with an older version (Diff)


We have a need for having an option in Studio Pro to visually compare a latest version of a Microflow/Nanoflow with an older version.
It should be possible to compare the version that you have open in Studio pro with an older version - that can come from a Branch as well - to visually see the changes made.

In our transition from Java and other technologies to Mendix low code, we are having discussions with some of our experienced java developers (Thank you Maksim Sapin). They still prefer to write Java for more complex tasks because Eclipse is able to tell the changes made between a latest piece of code and older versions.

It would really be great if Mendix can show the changes between 2 versions to allow a quick assessment of what has changed.

We did propose workarounds like adding annotations, copying a microflow action before modification and disabling the unmodified action, but this requires a lot of discipline and is prone to errors.

I have done some research in the Mendix Forum Questions and Idea's, but could only found a topic explaining about a tool that is not part of Mendix being developed that aims to do so: - MfDiff tool
If I missed any earlier Questions or Idea's, please add them in reply to this Idea.

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Agreed. This is especially nice if the volume of changes is high, but the locations and effect not directly apparent at first glance. Having an overview of what is changed post-commit to the detail level would help tremendously.


I can certainly see the resistance this can give with experienced Java developers.
To convince better to do Mendix low code instead of more error prone/complex Java, this is a necessary feature.
Please implement it. @Mendix : low code sets the expectation that we do as minimal coding as possible, please make low code better than Eclips/high code, thanks!


I've seen this idea a few times, but I'll never not upvote it (for instance, it's part of this idea as well: