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Properties pane and marketplace pane




First the Marketplace pane. If you change the place where you want this new pane it always forgets this after a restart of the modeler. 


Second, the new properties pane is difficult to work with, it is to big and annoying with the different categories in it. I really prefer the old properties pane. I don't get it why this should be changed. 


With kind regard, Michael Stremmelaar. Both issues are in 9.24.3

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I've opened a Mendix support ticket for the Marketplace pane a while ago. They consider it a feature request to have it save the location.


So you have my upvote.


I considered it a bug, Mendix support considers it an idea / feature request ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Agree with both of these. The new properties pane seemed like a good idea at first, but I found that I was forever having to switch between panes, which just slows thigs down with extra mouse clicks. In Mendix 9 this is an option you can turn off, in Mendix 10 the new pane is the only one available