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Select all feature for Datagrid 2


The current select all checkbox for Datagrid 2 will only select all items on a page. I would like to have the same option as for Datagrid 1: select page or select all. When this feature is available, we can remove our custom multi select logic including NPE's and nanoflows. This would reduce the complexity of our app :)

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Please update us to the progress of this.


Echo the above. We really need this feature. Currently, filters are not useful for processes in microflows, as we cannot take the selection to the microflow across all pages. 


This is still one missing feature on Data Grid 2 that is preventing us from updating our old Data Grids. We need the ability to select all  with the selection type of Select Page and Select All which will select all rows from every page.


Hoping this is in progress for a future update!


Any updates on this?


Quite frustrating that the old data grid was already capable of having either a select page or a select all button.


Additionally the selection is not maintained when filtering or switching between pages.


This should be fixed asap!


is it something code level changes needs to be done? if yes, please let me know. I will interest to work on implementing this. 


Mendix Core team, please let me know where the exact code was implemented, I will try to analyze and fix this.


Note: I have already gone through the Github of data widget and I couldn't get the exact place to fix this




We really need this.


Hi Daryl, Could you please explain how we can achieve that functionality with NPE’S and nanoflows?.