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Add Live Chat Support System in studio pro Editor for Developer Benefits


Hi Mendix Team

Greeting of the day !


In mendix I have been working from last 2021 to till yet. It’s really a wonderful low code platform tool to make an application for users or client without taking any too much time. It enables developers like us to build custom applications with minimal coding, using pre-built components and visual design tools. 


But here as a mendix developer I want to propose the addition of a live chat support system within the studio pro, which I believe would greatly benefit developers using your platform. We have already added live chat in mendix side.  Can we add same thong in studio pro or studio in developer portal side? Because as an avid user of your editor, I have identified several reasons why implementing live chat support would be advantageous:

  1. Real-time Assistance: Developers often encounter challenges or have questions while using the editor. A live chat support system would allow them to receive immediate assistance, helping them overcome hurdles and continue their work seamlessly.
  2. Enhanced User Experience: Providing live chat support demonstrates a commitment to user satisfaction. Developers are more likely to have a positive experience with your editor if they can easily access help when needed.
  3. Faster Issue Resolution: Live chat enables quick communication and problem-solving. Developers can get instant responses to their queries, reducing frustration and potential downtimes in their workflow.
  4. Increased User Engagement: A live chat support feature can foster a sense of community and engagement among users. Developers may be more likely to share feedback, collaborate, and contribute to the editor's improvement when they have easy access to support.
  5. Feedback Collection: Live chat interactions can serve as a valuable source of feedback. You can gather insights into common issues, pain points, and user suggestions, which can inform future improvements to your editor.

Hope to see this valuable feature integrated into the editor soon.


Thank you for your time and consideration.


Best Regards,


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