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Export and import of App settings


In the configuration settings you can save constants that should not be saved in the App itself.

Background to the question:
In some cases you want to be able to debug a production environment from a local instance because a certain issue cannot be simulated in an acceptance or test environment. And as everyone knows, debugging from a local instance is (much) easier than debugging a cloud environment.

The idea:
It would be nice if the configuration could be exported to a JSON format, which can be re-imported at a later time. Before you commit changes, you don't want this configuration to be saved (security reasons). To prevent you from having to set the configuration manually every time, it is very useful that you can do a simple import from a JSON file.

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Sometimes it might be handy to be able to transport the configuration from cloud environment to local/development Settings.  If a JSON import is available in Studio Pro for importing Settings, a settings-export from cloud environment would be great too!