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Mendix 10 Studio Pro getting slower when using


Hi there,


The performance of Mendix Pro is getting worse every minute you work in it. It could lead to an unresponsive modeller. Even if you have a relative small project. The only solution is to restart the modeller.


Each time you re-run the project (and it doesn't matter if you stop and start) you see the step of cleaning up the model is taking longer. Like the stopping debugger seems to be very slow. Currently I am looking for like +2 minutes to the screen below.



You see that Mendix will increase the memory usage. When the app is started it is consuming around 1.2 GB of RAM.


After a few hours, you see the modeller is consuming nearly 7GB of RAM.



I tried already to deactivate the assistance features, but nothing seems to help.


Anyone else experiencing these similar issues?

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I noticed that this is independent of the version. On 9 I have the same thing, restarting the computer helps. I know it's not the best solution, but it works.


I appreciate all the new functionality they've added in recent releases, but Studio Pro is absolutely a resource hog compared to the days of Mx 8.


Same here. Have to start the modeler every some hours to be able to work.