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Snippet folding


Using snippets is a great concept to create more complex UIs with consistent L&F.

However, when snippets contain containers namely Data Grids, nesting them becomes a greater hassle in using studio pro up to the point where no longer usable due to usability and performance.

The reason is that snippets are visually "expanded" to the lowest level, including the addition of fake rows for data grids to mimic their real look when operated in the App. When nesting snippets the outcome sometimes is a no longer usable frame stacking with a dramatically large scrolling area. In the middle of the scrolling area there are only vertical lines of the many nested snippet levels showing their inner structures.

Has anyone run into the same issue? I think a good idea would be adding a UI option in studio pro, to do some kind of code folding for snippets to visually reduce them in engineering either by an image, configured with the snippet or by three dots or the like.

What do you think?

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Great idea. When seeing the snippet contents does not add value, especially with the larger snippets, this would be a great improvement.