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Enable Copy n Paste between multiple Studio Pro windows


Hey community,


while developing apps I found it quite nasty to create many pages over anbd over again, especialy when it comes to a unified design across all my apps its often practical to copy the page from a old app, paste it to the new one and just edit the contents.

Sadly copy and paste between multiple Studio Pro windows is disabled and I just don't understand why. It's a commonly used feature and I understand why its not possible to copy a control and paste it anywhere else but a studio pro window. But please let me paste it in another studio pro window, it would make such a huge difference, especialy when it comes down to styling. Currently its not even possible to use the 'Copy styling' functionality between multiple windows.


To the devs: Please enable this functionality, its ridiculous that its disabled!

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Cut and paste between Studio Pro windows was enabled a few releases back.

However it only works between Studio Pro windows which are EXACTLY the same version