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Add text editor on Mendix Studio Pro


Display text file resources used in JavaAction on MendixStudioPro and allow browsing and editing like a text editor.When specifying a text file from JavaAction, it is assumed that the path is specified. (Specifying a path under a module or ClassPath relative like SpringFramework's ClassPathResource is preferable.)The display position on StudioPro should be able to be displayed under the module as well as the JavaAction, Microflow, etc. that were created.It is best if it is possible to display them under a module, but if not, displaying them under a different module is acceptable.Since it is assumed that the contents of the description will be extensive, the use of Constant will not suffice.Java resource should be opened inside the IDE if it is text. If text, we also want to branch and merge.If it is not text (binary), then launching an external editor is fine, but the existence of the file itself should be confirmed in the tree of the IDE. (For configuration management purposes, treat them the same as binaries and only replace them.

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