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Export search results


Today I've received a question from a customer in which they asked if I could provide all enumerations with all values from 1 app.

With the advanced search function, it is fairly simple to display this information. But it would come in handy if I could export the search results to an excel or a text file in order to present this information.

When I want to hand the same information over to the customer, I need to write down the results manually, or create a overview page for all enumerations based on the MxModelreflection (including going through the effort of deploying a new version).

I can imagine more practical uses, for example: When someone wants to edit something (an particular attribute for instance) on all places it's used (through find usages), and keep track of the progress in an excel sheet.

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In Mendix 7.11 we allow multi-select in the find results pane. You can then copy-paste to, for example, Excel.


You can currently only select 1 row; so for the complete list of results this doesn't work...


Perhaps a workaround: You can use ctrl-c and ctrl-v to copy paste the search results to an Excel file.