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adding screenshot to story in the description


Dear Mendix support,

I am scrum master for the BSH MT project and my PO and dev team have been complaining about the following:

In the developer portal when creating a story it is not possible to directly paste photos like screenshots into the story body. Instead they can only be attached and then each screenshot needs to be referenced in the text. It would be so much easier if the screenshot could directly be pasted into the story description just like in Jira for example.

Can you consider this enhancement request and give me feedback regarding the status? Our customer success manager is "Can Yavuzyilmaz <>"

Thank you and kind Regards

Marius Thomma

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Hi Jelena, thanks for the call. The small workaround (=insert pictures just like here in the forum), at least for now, looks great to me. Please keep us posted when it will be implemented. 


Let's try what's on the forum 


image.pngHow does this look?


It is absolutely being considered :) The widget we are currently using for Epics does not support this functionality, so now I'm checking wat the best way forward would be (adding this to the current widget or switching to a new one), that's what is taking a bit of time.


I'll be back with an update soon!


it would be great to get some feedback if these idea are even being considered? :)