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Performance option in the Modeler to improve speed


In every new Mendix version it seems that Studio Pro is getting slower and slower for the developer. Mendix 10 for example is a lot less snappier than Mendix 8. Now renaming a page or microflow takes a second of loading, deleting something takes a second, microflow adjustments are not instant anymore. Earlier Mendix versions were snappy and quick. Maybe it didn't look as 'pretty' as it does now, but it made development speed and therefore providing value for the customer a lot better.


It seems that with every major Mendix release more and more resources are being put into assisting beginner developers (for example AI and prediction features, Xpath Builder etc.) than to improve the modeler speed for the more general developer. Now you are able to turn off some of these features, but still all the extra codebase only slows down the Modeler in itself. 


My idea would be to provide a 'performance' option inside the Modeler in order to improve development speed at the cost of graphical/prediction features or other capabilities.

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