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Hot reloading for Design Properties


Hello everyone, I love it to create awesome (complex) user interface in Mendix. In Mendix there are multiple levels to change the user interface:     


These two levels help different types of developers with different types of skills in frontend styling.


However, what strikes me in several projects is that dev teams choose to do everything in Sass/Css. That's a pity, because there is enormous power in Design Properties. Why is sass-only chosen: 

  1. Changing components in one go in your app is more difficult, where a class change in CSS immediately affects all components. Solution: use snippets
  2. Applying Design Properties to widgets requires a rebuild of your app compared to Sass where you have hot reloading


It would be great if Design Properties also worked immediately when you viewed an app locally. Hot Reloading is required for this.


Who else wants hot reloading for Design Properties?

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