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Snap to grid for entities and associations in domain model


Creating domain models requires drawing entities and their associations. While the need for flexibility sometimes exist, most entities and associations are straightforward. Currently, positioning these elements can be cumbersome and time-consuming, especially when aiming for a neat and readable layout.


The ideal solution is the implementation of a snap-to-grid functionality. This feature would enable entities to be automatically aligned to a grid rather than being placed freely on a canvas. Associations could then be drawn from specific points on an entity (e.g., corners and center positions) to others, ensuring both are aligned perfectly. When adding new attributes to existing entities, the entity moves (from the center and not adding length at the bottom) and the association remains snapped to the specified point, always ensuring straight lines. A nice addition would be to loosely draw a line (association) from one entity to another and let the system determine the best point to snap to (see image).




This snap-to-grid functionality could be toggleable, allowing users to switch between a more flexible placement and strict alignment as needed. It will enhance readability and reduce manual adjustment efforts, particularly in complex diagrams where alignment and clarity are crucial.


Possible alternatives:

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Agreed, hopefully with the new snappy microflow editor that's a lot better, Mendix can revisit the layout of domain models and make it similar