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Open page structure mode and design mode side-by-side


How cool would it be to immediately see the effects of changes you made to a page's structure in the actual page design, without having to manually shift from the page's structure mode to design mode?


Well, say no more! If this idea gets implemented, you can!


Design mode is awesome, as it lets you see your page (almost) as it will be rendered after deploying your app, with all styling in place, colors neatly where they belong and buttons aligned just right.


Structure mode is awesome, because it lets you see the page's, well, structure, including all the invisible parts that might not be interesting for the user per se, but are very important in the development process and how the page is displayed (I'm talking about you, containers and visibility conditions!).


But seeing the effects of structural changes is a hassle, as you have to manually switch between the two modes by either clicking a button or hitting Ctrl + Alt + Space. Being able to have both modes open at the same time, side-by-side, removes a lot of clicks and makes the page design process a lot smoother.

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