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Sub-microflow configurable ReturnVariableName & microflow nanoflow inconsistency



This idea had quite the reception on my LinkedIn post so I'm posting here as well. 


Microflow Nanoflow Inconsistency:

When you drag a sub-microflow that returns data from the App Explorer, the data is always named "Variable," defeating the purpose since you have to open the activity and change the name. You might as well use the Microflow call activity, which uses the entity name as the variable name. (In cases where the returned data is not an entity or list, it still returns "Variable.")


However, when you drag a nanoflow from the App Explorer that returns data into another nanoflow the name is the entity or the entity list, everything behaves as expected



What I think would be an amazing feature is to give us an option to set the return variable name in the sub-microflow itself. That way, it uses the name you configured.


For example, a sub-microflow that returns the currently logged-in Administration.Account could return $CurrentAccount instead of just $Account


I would put a text input field for the name directly into the end event where you configure what is being returned.


Or at least implement the same logic for Microflow as the working Nanoflow. :) 

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