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Visual module dependencies


In a lot of projects, modules depend on resources from other modules to function properly. For example, one module might use a String util from the CommunityCommons module, another might use a microflow from a third module, etc.

Managing these dependencies is quite a hassle now, as it is not clear what modules depend on other modules. The only way to definitively come to know the dependencies is by removing a module and resolve any errors that might occur. That's why I think it would be very helpful to have a visual representation of which modules have dependencies of other modules, maybe even with a drill down function that makes it possible to see exactly what a specific module is using from other modules.

An example on how this could work is from the Obsidian application, that offers a so-called 'graph view' of all notes you have, where each note is connected to every other note when one of them has a link to the other:



A few ideas based on this example:

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No, I did not now that as we don't use QSM (yet)...


> QSM does require a separate license fee

Dependency management is such an integral part of development, that I really would like it to be a feature that I don't need to pay extra for...


You are aware that QSM already provides this?

QSM does require a separate license fee.