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New Mx10 Retrieve Objects popup is a downgrade




I noticed in Mx10, in the 'Retrieve Objects' popup, the XPath constraint editor is now read-only and only shows one line. Editing requires the user to go one layer deeper. I consider this a serious UX downgrade.


In Mx9, you would have a complete overview of the XPath (in most cases). Editing could be done directly. Perfect.



In Mx10, most of the XPath is hidden by default. Editing requires to go one level deeper. This requires more needless clicking in a much used part of the microflow editor. Also, it makes it harder to see the complete constraint at a glance.



It would be great if this change would be reconsidered, since there is enough screen space to avoid separating these functions. Thanks.

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Would love for this to come back as well. I assume the change was made to allow for the new xpath editor but I just find it one extra unnecessary click.