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Debug Enhancements


Mendix Studio Pro needs below improvements with debugging functionality, all these features are already available in Microsoft Visual Studio for reference. 

1. Step Back:  Ability to step to previous activity at same level while debugging.

2. Conditional breakpoint: Enable breakpoint only when condition is met. This will enable users to debug specific iteration while working with large data. 

3. Call Stack: Ability to view call stack from where the microflows are called from. 

4. Pause Debugging: Sometimes the application might be running indefinitely, and developer might not be able to tack which activity is causing it. Clicking on pause should stop the execution at the current activity will help developers debug in a better way.  

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Nice idea. I would add the ability to retrieve related entities.


Thank you @Larn van de Vries. I never realized that. Perhaps there should be some icons for more obvious representation.


Agree with your suggestion, ability to change variable is also important but missing feature.


Hey Sandip,

Conditional breakpoints are already available in Mendix. After adding a breakpoint on an activity. right click on the activity and select: "Edit breakpoint condition".


I would also like to request the option to change variables from the variables view when debugging.

To have a lot more flexibility debugging issues.



Great idea. This will save a lot of time to debug.