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Visually show save points for error handling in Studio Pro


The current situation


Implementing proper error handling can be quite a handfull, especially when you have many submicroflows where something may go wrong. Where and when do you use custom error handling with rollback or without rollback influences what happens to your data, and can have major consequences for your data integrity. There is currently no easy way to see what exactly you're rolling back to when you use different kinds of error handlers, and every developer I've asked tells me they have to look it up in the documentation every time just to be sure what happens when.


My proposed solution


The error handling documentation shows a clear overview of where savepoints happen, and explains what happens when you use which type of error handling. I would propose adding a visual indicator of where the save points are in your microflows / submicroflows. It could either be a toggle, or become visible by default when you select an action that has error handling on it. The below is a screenshot from the documentation, of course the actual visuals could look better:



This would give you all that you need to reason out what happens when you use specific types of error handling / end events, and be a lot more transparent for new developers who are trying to learn about error handling.


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