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Define a Regular expression in one place and use it


In the modeler, we can check regular expression as follows:
- Entity validation Rule:
  we can only use regular expression material as regular expression.

- input widget validation expression: 
  we can only use string value as regular expression. 
- Rule or microflow:
  we can use string value, Constant value and Enumeration's caption value. but we cannot use regular expression material's value.
   isMatch($value, '^[0-9]+'),
   isMatch($value, @sample.regxConstValue)
   isMatch($value, getCaption(sample.EnumerationRegx.value))
   we cannot use isMatch($value, regular expression material's value).

I would like to define a regular expression in one place and use it.
Idea as follows:
- Would it be possible that mendix allow to use regular expression material's value in all validation 
scene(e.g. Entity validation rule , input widget validation expression , Rule, microflow) ?
- Would it be possible that mendix allow to use Enumeration's caption value in all validation scene?


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Hi, I ran into the same question today and looked up for an option to have a single occurrence for all my regular expressions. It would be really helpful to use Regex Objects in Microflows/Rules OR to use Constants in Regex Objects. Therefore a clear ”+1” for this idea.


I need this :-)


Isn't this covered by Constants now? As you can make them available in client too.


I read somewhere Mendix wants to focus on the core. This should certainly qualify.

Now, I don’t use Regex at all; just re-using Rule, which does the RegEx


Submitted two years ago. Still not implemented?


Totally agree.

You should define the regexes in one place only: the Regex materials.

You should be able to use them anywhere.