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Rollback the changes made to the Appearance tab


Hi community, 


I have the feeling that the new "Styling" tab is not as good as the old "Appearance" tab and it also has a lot of errors since its not anymore inside the "Edit" popup of a control.

Firstly one can no longer say cancel, this means all changes made are immediately saved and can't be canceled. This is especially nasty when trying around and try/error fixing CSS styles.

Secondly to enter the input fields the dev needs to click the input field twice. Often one doesn't notice that the first click doesn't enter the field, starts typing and gets mad after noticing that he didn't write anything down. This was much more easy and clear in the popup which opens with a double click and with 2 additional clicks the dev was inside the input field in the "Appearance" tab.

Also the dev never knows when his inputs where saved. Does Studio Pro save changes when leaving that input field, or when clicking on another component? Nobody knows for sure and so we can't work efficiently. This was much more clear inside the popup with the "OK" and "Cancel" buttons.

The biggest issue is that the "Styling" tab just doesn't work right. It doesn't save changes sometimes, saves them on a different component instead of the one the dev had selected before, etc. This is often reproduceable when having two buttons next to each other on a page and trying to add different CSS styles to both of them. Watch the video in the attachment to get an idea of what the issue is.


My Idea is: Rollback the changes made to the "Appearance" tab since the Mendix Studio Pro 10 version and make it a popup again! There was nothing bad with the popup, but there's much not working with the current setup, so why touch a running system?




Demo Video of Bug: There are 2 buttons on that page. Both of them currently have a custom CSS style. The goal is to have a separate style on each button. Therefor I first click the right button and edit the style to be:

background-color: var(--TypeHardware);

This first works. Then I click the left button and edit the style so it says:

background-color: var(--TypeSoftware);

After editing I click on an empty field because I hope this saves the changes. Again, if it would be clear when the changes get saved, e.g. by a "OK" button inside the popup, I wouldn't have to do this, since I would know if the change already got saved. After clicking the empty space I select the buttons again to verify my changes have been saved. Sadly as you can see now the right button has the "Software" style and the left one has the "Hardware" style, its just the other way around then I entered it. I try to fix that again, but no success. You can easily reproduce this behavior in most places where you have two buttons next to each other and try to assign different CSS styles/classes to it.



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