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Editable default zoom level in the Mendix Modeler



As changing the default zoom level in de Mendix Modeler is currently not possible (according to: https://community.mendix.com/link/questions/88073 ) I would like to request a change. Personally I want the Modeler to open microflows at 75% zoom level so in order to achieve that I would like the default zoom level to be editable.

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Kicking this up. When I work with a external monitor plugged into my laptop the 100% zoom is nice. But if I work at my (smaller) laptop screen I am constantly zooming to 130% after opening a document in the modeler.


Would be nice if there was a default zoom level to set.


Very annoying: the Studio Pro (v8) determines the default zoom based on the resolution of - and scale chosen for -, the Primary monitor :(

For example, these settings (Windows 10) provide a default zoom of 200%, which is ridiculously large if I move it on another monitor.