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Make a self-reference more readable in the domain model


Self-references are not well readable in the domain model. The arc and half the name are invisible, see example:

They would be much more readable when using a larger arc, see example:

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Looks awesome, well done Mendix and thank you for another long awaited feature :)


Mendix 7.23.6 has been released and it greatly improves the readability of self-referencing associations! Also, cardinalities (1, *) are drawn on the line instead of next to it, also helping readability.


I have a dream that this will be implemented one day.


And see also this idear:

Then you can use the find usage of that self reference also in the properties.





Alternatively: the ability to move the name to another than the standard position! I sometimes end up dragging the end and starting points of arrows around, just to be able to read all the names. It would make much more sense to be able to position the names of the associations as you like. Would also fix the issue in this idea.


A square-arrow would be even nicer!