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Improve transparancy on user roles & module roles


When working on larger projects the user roles and module roles can become quitte confusing. To improve the transparancy the following could be changed


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I would love better views on the security in Mendix. I'm not sure what the best way would but here are some further ideas:

  • Exporting of user roles (and their module roles)
  • Exporting of module roles (and their access to pages, microflows and entities)
  • "View"-modes in the modeler, maybe similar to the language dropdow in modeler
    • Select a user role
    • Filter options (according to CRUD)
      • E.g. user role "Purchase", filter: Create. The domain models where this user role can create entities are normal colour (other domain models greyed out). The entities in the domain model which can be created by the user are highlighted or shown in normal colour the others are greyed out
      • Or use icons for the actions allowed for that user on domain model level per entity (full read, partially read, full write, partially write, create etc.)
    • Greyed out of microflows, pages and entities/attributes that can't be modified by that user for that specific filter

What I need is better ways to spot what a specific user can and can't access/do.