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Enlarge the size of some popup windows.


Lots of popup windows of the Modeler are so small that everyone has to drag the borders every time to get a decent working area.

For instance:

- the xPath-editor popup in the Entity's AccessRules is so small, you either have to break of more than is normal or won't see your code without scrolling to the right.

- the Consoles 'View Log Line Details' is pretty large, but making it use the entire width of the screen would make a stacktrace much easier to read. So make it as wide as possible.

Seems a minor issue, but it helps in remaining enthousiast about Mendix.

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In my opinion it is especially annoying for action details in microflow for many microflow action types, e.g.

Show Page (page name does not fit),

Create Object popup,

An alternative of fixed sizes would be to store the custom size in the modeler preferences.