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Improve scheduler


The current scheduler Mendix uses to schedule and execute scheduled events has a lot of limitations and will result in unexpected and undesired execution moments of scheduled events. See also the documentation

From the documentation: "Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, and Weeks are scheduled exactly as configured. However, Months and Years might not be executed as you would expect. A month is interpreted as a 31 day interval, a year as a 365 day interval."

From the documentation: "Whenever you set up an event to run every day at a certain time, it will start at exactly the specified time. However, after this it will run at a fixed interval (internally this is calculated back to run every X nanoseconds). This means that a daily event runs every 24 hours. Therefore, if the time changes because of daylight saving, your event could be an hour off."

So, please improve the scheduler!

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See also this idear:

And for daylight saving time you need two schedules each with its own microflow that checks if DST is active or not (see community commons Java action).