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Before or After Retrieve event handler


I would like to request a event handler on the Retrieve action.

It would be convenient and less error prone if I can place an action in the event handler compared to placing my action after every retrieve manual.

In am creating something for serializing and deserializing  objects, where I  use the before commit and before delete event handlers. I am really missing the after retrieve event.

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I want to deserialize the object. Using calculated attribute whould mean I need to create a microflow for every attribute. Although I suppose I could choose one attribute and use the microflow to set all attributes. But that feels a little wrong, for me it would make more sense to create the event on the object instead of an a random attribute. I will try though!

Edit: I tried and it looks like the event it not triggered after a retrieve, but after the first time using the attribute. So in my case I can't use this.


What do you need to do in the retrieve event handler? Seems like something you could address with a calculated attribute?