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GetCurrentAccount microflow for Administration Module


In order to fetch the current account in Mendix, a new developer must know how to properly configure a Retrieve action to query Mendix for the first Account with XPath "id = $currentUser" OR how to split the currentUser over inheritance and then cast the currentUser to an Account. This is anything but intuitive for something that is needed quite frequently and can have a demotivating impact on a developer who is attempting to learn Mendix on their own. Additionally, the need to repeatedly configure this step in every new project takes up unnecessary time for even the most talented of Mx Developers.


I have built a microflow that pulls the current logged in Account object from memory and put it in the Private App Store under the name "GetCurrentAccount Microflow". I believe that this microflow should become a standard part of the Administration module.

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Planned for 3 years. Better use your company-own usermanagement or the marketplace modules SystemManagement and Person.