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Removed parameter handling (Modeler)


If you have a Microflow or a Java action that is called very often and you need to remove a parameter, it would be nice, if the modeler would refresh the calls automatically. Right now, you need to double click on every singe call, without having any option. The double click is just needed, to tell the modeler to refresh the parameter mapping. You just need to click there. This is very annoying if the action is called in 50 or more places and takes a lot of time (and Mendix should save time).

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I agree with the above - it shouldn't happen automatically, but there should be a manual action that updates everything at once. Right now you already get a warning when removing the parameter (parameter is still used x times, are you sure you want to remove it?) and it would be great if there were three possible buttons: keep parameter, remove parameter, and remove parameter and update all parameter mappings.


I agree that there should be a way to automate this - at the same time I like, that it is possible to remove a parameter and recreate it again without breaking all the calling code.

So I would prefer for this to still be a manual action which updates all usages at once.