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Add default action and continue action in Loop Activities


When dragging in a new a loop activity into a Microflow, add a default blank activity linked to a continue event:

This helps a lot with having to first of all add a new activity. Because there is a flow(link) between the first activity and the continue event, now when you drag in a second or a third activity you can take advantage of the loop activity auto-sizing. The way it works currently is you have to drag, connect, move and resize a lot of stuff manually. So it's slow:

Consider the improved default Loop Activity:

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There are lots of possible time-savers here:

- When you insert a loop, it is often easy to guess what list you want to loop over. This can get prefilled.

- if that gets prefilled, likely you want to change a list-item, or do something based on a list-items value. So i would appreciate the loop getting prefilled with ChangeObject-action followed by a split and a true and false.

- Auto-resize


I also have that problem, but this solution is none that I'd want. Maybe it would be sufficient if the modeler could detect when you're dropping an action in a loop and just expand it then.



You can't start with anything else other than an activity as your first MicroflowObject in the loop collection (split and merges break the loop) so you will always have an activity. A loop always continues after the first activity, unless an explicit condition is raised.

What else would you recommend?

Also, you can trick the sizing by inserting an activity before the last one, but then you don't place them in chronological sequence, ie the next activity I want to put down has to go at the end. 


I recognize the problem. However i'm not sure if this is the best solution.